Life is like an ice cream: enjoy it before it melts (with one of our Gelato Bars)!

Our gelato (Italian ice cream) is of premium quality and we serve it from a traditional serving freezer within the mobile Gelato Bar. We offer up to four unique flavours per bar for your event.

  • We have an endless variety of flavours for you to choose from – from the more traditional, such as Belgian chocolate and vanilla, to the more decadent, like cookies & cream.

  • We also offer unique taste sensations like mint & basil or fig & honey – not to mention a selection of delicious toppings for your guests to add to their gelato.

  • Make someone’s day with a yummy Gelato Bar!

  • Gelato can be served in clear plastic cups, or in the more eco-friendly (and definitely tastier) option of wafer baskets or sugar cones.

  • All our bars come with trained staff who take a delight in making your guests happy.

Want to brand a mobile bar? We offer various branding options! Find more details here.