Life’s so much better when it’s juicy…

Raw is IN – and it’s good for you too! Barmotion’s mobile Health Juice Bars offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices that will tickle the taste buds… and revitalize the guests at your company’s event.

  • We include only the freshest seasonal ingredients and offer a range of juices, from apple to beetroot to spinach and many a blend. Your guests will be spoilt for choice! We also offer extra booster shots (like wheatgrass and ginger) for all those aspiring health fundis.

  • Freshen up your next event with a Health Juice Bar!

  • Our health juices are made in front of guests so they can get in on the action. We use only the best industrial blenders and always have back-up machines on hand.
  • All our bars come with trained staff who will ensure your event goes smoothly.

  • Maximise exposure to your brand! Click here for more info on our Branded Bars.