Everyone has a soft spot for soft serve!

Our soft serve is made with the finest ingredients and served directly to your guests from traditional soft-serve machines. Produced at a higher temperature, soft serve is softer than regular ice cream – and generally lower in fat. We offer a choice of two flavours per bar for your event.

Twirl it up with a Soft Serve Bar!

  • Treat your guests to a selection of tasty toppings for their swirly towers of soft serve! Choose from the healthier fresh fruit, nuts and cereal toppings, or opt for the more decadent chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, sugary sweets, crunchy fudge and a variety of sweet sauces!

  • The soft serve can be eaten in clear plastic cups, or we offer the more eco-friendly (and definitely tastier) option of traditional wafer baskets and sugar cones.

  • All our bars come with trained staff who will ensure your event goes smoothly.

Use our mobile bars as a canvas for your company or event’s branding! Find more info on our Branded Bars here.