Just roll with it!

Get a Sushi Bar and watch our chefs entertain your guests or delegates as they prepare their offerings from scratch. This vibrant, colourful traditional Japanese dish is full of goodness and a great health option for any event.

  • Our Sushi Bar has been designed especially to accommodate the needs of our sushi chefs – so they can do their job perfectly.
  • Our professional sushi fridge ensures the freshness of our produce and maintains the right temperature at all times.

  • For bite-sized snacks at your event, get a Sushi Bar!

  • Brush up on your sushi etiquette…
  • • It is considered most polite to eat sushi in one bite
    • Never ‘whittle’ your chopsticks… doing so implies the chef is cheap!
    • Sushi is finger food – if you battle with chopsticks, using your fingers is perfectly acceptable

  • Our sushi chefs are all professionally trained and experienced in the creation of this culinary art.

Take the unique opportunity to brand a Sushi Bar at your event! Click here for more info on our Branded Bars.