A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap…

Quick and easy to make and fun to eat, a waffle is the ultimate sweet treat. Our waffles are thick and golden and made according to our prized in-house recipe. Choose one of our delicious Waffle Bar options – or have both!

  • Belgian Waffles: We prepare authentic Belgian waffles for you in just minutes! Our waffles are crammed with delicious ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, black cherry and almond, apple and cinnamon, Smarties, and many more! We can also serve your waffles with our creamy gelato or topped with fresh fruit or flavoured syrups.

  • Lolly Waffles: We also prepare waffles on a stick – easy for your guests to enjoy on the go. These come dipped in chocolate or caramel and topped with delicious sprinkles and nuts.

  • Sweeten the deal with a Waffle Bar!

  • All our staff are professionally trained and adhere to the highest customer service standards.

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